Russell Brand tells voters to put Labour Party in power, saying Ed Miliband “will listen to us”

Ed Miliband Pic: Paul Bednall

Labour Party leader Ed Miliband Pic: Paul Bednall

In an about-turn just four days before the general election, comedian and activist Russell Brand has asked voters to go to the polls to help get the Labour Party into government.

The 39-year-old, who famously said he has never voted and never will, criticised the Conservative Party, saying having it in power would be dangerous.

“That’s not something we can allow to happen simply because people can’t be bothered to vote or don’t want to vote,” he said in a 13-minute video uploaded on his YouTube channel on Monday at noon.

He also dismissed other parties such as Ukip and the Liberal Democrats, and endorsed Caroline Lucas of the Green Party for re-election in Brighton Pavilion.

“You have to elect Labour,” he said, adding that while he understands that change will not happen overnight, he is confident that Ed Miliband will allow the country to be “community-led”.

He said he “agreed very sincerely with” the Labour leader that “politics doesn’t rain down on us, it comes from below, movements putting pressure on governments”.

His endorsement comes after a controversial interview with Miliband, who was snapped leaving Brand’s Shoreditch recording studio and home last Monday.

Brand is the host of political comedy web series The Trews, which has 1.1 million subscribers on YouTube. He also has 9.6 million followers on Twitter.

“We don’t know what the limitations of a Labour administration is going to be, but we have just heard the leader of the Labour Party saying he welcomes and wants pressure from below,” said Brand in his latest video rounding up his campaign coverage.

He went on to say: “I know I’ve been Mr Don’t Vote. Actually what I mean is, politics isn’t something that we can just be involved in once every five years. Democracy is for every day.”




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