Site for creative New Cross start-ups launched

YD new creative project new cross

Jess Tsang from Meanwhile Space. Pic: Yajie Ding

A new plan to create a site for start up creative enterprises in New Cross has been launched by Goldsmiths, University of London.

Goldsmiths has entered into a partnership with the pioneering firm Meanwhile Space to establish a hub for creative start-ups at 302 to 312 New Cross Road, properties which are part of the university estate.

Patrick Loughrey, Goldsmiths warden said: “Goldsmiths is deeply rooted in New Cross, a vibrant area, already known for its creative spirit. We’re very excited to launch our New Cross Road project with Meanwhile Space and offer a new destination for creativity, innovation and enterprise to flourish.”

The project will be aimed at start-up businesses, Goldsmith’s alumni and stakeholders from across the local community.

The regeneration scheme will see new affordable work, living, retail and communal spaces created in and above the current shop fronts-with initial structure building works to begin this month.

The groundbreaking scheme will combine the four types of space in one location, providing a unique opportunity for innovative enterprise concepts to choose a combination of spaces to propel their ideal.

Jess Tsang from Meanwhile Space said: “Our idea is going to create eighteen affordable flats. This space will be under affordable rates between 50 and 80 per cent market value. We will be affordable living space, studio flats, one-bedroom flats for people who graduate from Goldsmiths or members from the local community. ”

Tsang added: “We will not be all work space. It would be co-working, share-worked space with open space you can book and shop. So the ideal is people who can really benefit from having a combination of living, working and shops based in one same building.”

Tsang said: “There is no rent from Goldsmiths, but we are bringing in investment buildings.”

Work on the project is to begin later this month after Meanwhile Space signed an agreement to lease from Goldsmiths to operate the enterprise incubation scheme once the renovation works are complete. The renovations are due to be completed in the New Year.

Funding for the renovation comes from an award of up to £430,000 to Meanwhile Space by the Department for Communities and Local Government—a figure matched by Goldsmiths.

Once renovated, the enterprise scheme will run for 10 years after which it will revert back to Goldsmiths College for use as educational spaces.

Extravagant costumiers Prangsta will remain open.

Meanwhile Space works with landlords, landowners, developers and local authorities to advise and deliver projects that relieve them temporarily of liabilities like insurance, rates, security associated with holding redundant shops, offices, cleared land,. whilst an appropriate commercial solution is being sought.


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