Hackney and Lewisham rank third for eviction notices

Shops and flat Pic: Mike Quinn

Shops and flat Pic: Mike Quinn

Residents in Hackney and Lewisham are the third most at risk in the country of losing their homes through debt, according to the charity Shelter.

One in 45 households in Hackney or Lewisham were faced with possession claims last year, according to a new ‘hotspots’ list.

Croydon and Tower Hamlets are 12th and 13th on the list, with one in 54 and one in 57 houses at risk of eviction or repossession.

Nadeem Khan, a helpline adviser for Shelter, said: “We’re hearing from thousands of people who have suffered in silence while they struggle to keep up with their rent or mortgage, and come to us in desperation when the court papers finally land on their doormat.”

Over the last year more than 8,300 people in England have been at a risk of being evicted each week, according to Shelter.

The charity analysed Ministry of Justice figures on the number of possession claims issued by mortgage lenders and landlords in the last year and compared it with the number of households in an individual area, to identify the country’s eviction risk ‘hotspots’.

London’s high housing costs have caused the city to dominate Shelter’s list, with only four out of the top twenty hotspots located outside of the capital.

While not everyone facing a claim will be evicted the number of possession claims issued is a good indication of how many families are struggling to meet their housing costs.

The Ministry of Justice figures show that in 2014 around 25% of claims related to tenants and 20% of claims related to mortgages ended in repossession and eviction.

“It’s natural to feel helpless in the face of mounting bills, but getting expert advice as soon as you start having trouble with housing payments can really help you see the light at the end of the tunnel, and keep the threat of losing your home at bay,” said Khan.

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