National Recycling Week: Where to recycle your waste

Pic: Yajie Ding

Pic: Yajie Ding

As part of national Recycling Week Lewisham Council has joined with local authorities across the UK to encourage residents to pay more attention to recycling.

Recycling Week, which runs from 22-28 June 2015, celebrates with a ‘recycling around the home’ theme. The goal is to encourage residents to pay closer attention to the recyclability of refuse from around the home that one might typically discard as rubbish.

Recyclable items extend beyond your typical glass, paper, metals, and plastic.  Next time, remember that electrical bits, used cooking oil, textiles, light bulbs, garden waste and wood, fridges and freezers, car batteries, TVs and monitors all have a second life.

There are various recycling points in Lewisham such as Sainsbury’s at 263d New Cross Road, which accepts a range of goods including textiles and light bulbs. Find your nearest location by entering your postcode at: Recycle Now.

Caroline Dean of New Cross said, “I do my recycling twice a week. I recycle all my plastic, glass, and paper at St. James recycling and I put my food in my own dustbin. Sometimes I recycle clothes.”

Douglas Greavry, a staff from Lewisham Recycling Centre said: ”Every resident in Lewisham is welcome.”

He said many “things like paper batteries electronic components and greens” can all be recycled to find a new lease of life.

The Reuse and Recycling Centre of Lewisham at Landmann Way allows residents to dispose of bulky household and garden waste.

Only Lewisham residents are permitted use of the facility, and for this reason visitors are asked to provide both proof of identity and residence. Opening Hours of Lewisham Reuse and Recycling Centre are Monday to Friday 8am to 7pm, Saturday 8am to 12pm and Sundays and Bank Holidays 8am to 7pm.

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