14th annual film festival brings world premieres and homegrown talent to the East End in cinematic feast

Pic: Daniel Leininger

Pic: Daniel Leininger

The East End Film Festival (EEFF) began yesterday, commencing twelve days of film premieres, industry master classes and free screenings in venues across East London.

After whole year’s preparation, the 14th East End Film Festival started off on the hottest day during this year in 1 July.

The EEFF was originally established to celebrate local East London film-makers. Over the past 14 years, however, it has grown to become one of the largest and most highly regarded film festivals in the UK and now includes participants from all over the world.  The festival aims to dig new voices in cinema, gives a platform to show the new and talent films.

This year’s festival runs from 1-12 July, offering an incredibly diverse range of films, exhibitions, debates, and live events. Among its features are 18 world premieres, 8 European premieres, 20 UK premieres and 16 London premieres.

Andrew Simpson, the Head of Programming says the festival comes by its entries through, “open submissions, travelling to other international festivals, and relationships with film-makers and artists that we collaborate with.”

One of the highlights this year is One Crazy Thing, which was shown at the opening night Gala. The film’s hero is a soap star ruined by a leaked sex tape who retreats to his parents’ Indian restaurant to lick his wounds. It is lauded as a heartfelt commentary on the superficiality of modern life and the empty value in fame.  According to Simpson, “It might be the sweetest film about London, sex tapes and love ever made. ”

Other festival highlights include the release of electronic artist Blanck Mass’ first record on July 10. Blanck Mass’ music might ring a bell for those who recall London’s 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony.

Events are held daily and at multiple sites throughout east London. “We take direct inspiration from the area where the festival takes place, representing its spirit and diversity, and celebrating local stories alongside great films from around the globe.” says Simpson.

And east London is what you’ll get. Expect several screenings to keep you at the edge of your seat and a murder mystery masquerade at the Andaz Liverpool Street Masonic Temple 4 July. For lovers of drag check out Drag Is My Ecstasy in Dalston 7 July followed by a live cabaret performance by Jimmy Woo.  For those who need a break from the silent stillness film viewing requires, take advantage of the free entry to a singing, dancing, cocktailing, pub quiz 8 July in Shoreditch.

For more information visit www.eastendfilmfestival.com to book your tickets now.

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