Crystal Palace people ‘among happiest in London’

Crystal Palace transmitter Pic: Catherine Davies

Crystal Palace transmitter Pic: Catherine Davies

However their near-neighbours in Catford and Deptford are some of the saddest residents in the capital.  A year-long study by Clubhouse Studios of Shoreditch, measured social wellbeing in all 119 London postcodes. The research was carried out in consultation with Professor Dacher Keltner of the University of California, Berkeley using his Jen Ratio technique.

The technique measures social wellbeing within shared spaces by looking at positive and negative body language, noise levels and acts of kindness and aggression. The results have been translated into an interactive 3D map of London which reveals the ‘happiness outlook’ within each postcode. The creators  hope the tool will improve interactions in the areas. It also includes average property prices to aid house hunters.

Crystal Palace, which has an SE19 postcode, is described as ‘blissfully bright’ and shared second place in the survey with the SE21 area of Dulwich. The crown for happiest postcode went to the west London area of Fulham, which is SW6.

Also in the top 10 most positive was Honor Oak and Forest Hill (SE23) at number 7 and Lewisham and Hither Green (SE13).

On the least positive list, Catford, SE6, came in at number 1, being described as ‘lousy’. Hackney, E8 at number 2, SE8, Deptford at number 4, and E1, Whitechapel at number 10. Overall, South of the river was found to be happier than the North.

Professor Keltner said, ‘In my many years of being in this game of happiness, this is some of the most innovative work I’ve ever encountered. The mixture of rigorous measurement, game-like presentation, and real world relevance is fun and breathtaking.’

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By Catherine Davies

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