Dangerous dog tasered by police and held in wheelie bin after woman is bitten on the leg in Stoke Newington

Dangerous dog Pic: @Shomrimofficial

Dangerous dog Pic: @Shomrimofficial

A ‘dangerously out of control dog’ was tasered and put in a wheelie bin by police after a woman was bitten on the leg in Stoke Newington.

Officers were called to the scene in Osbaldeston Road just before 2pm on Sunday after receiving reports of two dangerous ‘large mastiff-sized’ dogs.

One of the animals was tasered to bring it under control then both dogs were taken to kennels. The tasered dog was taken for a veterinary check-up.

Witness Ben Stewart, posted on Twitter: “Happening right now in Hackney. Cop is shouting into his radio: ‘I’ve tasered the dog! I’ve trapped it in the bin’.

Tasered Dog tweet

Tasered dog tweet Pic: Ben Stewart


“Cop is shouting: ‘Ladies and Gentlemen get back! If this dog escapes your children are not safe!’”

The dogs’ owner was identified and has spoken to police. She has not been arrested.

The 1991 Dangerous Dogs Act prohibits the ownership of certain dangerous breeds in the UK although a police spokesman said there was no indication that the dogs involved in this incident were such breeds.

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