Dine till dawn with new food delivery service in London

Peckish London night owls can now look forward to dining on something other than a dodgy kebab with the launch of a food service that will deliver right through till 5am.

Feast, which started business this week, aims to deliver hot food within the City financial district as well as to areas of Hackney and Tower Hamlets.

The service was the brainchild of journalist and TV presenter Simon Pusey who was inspired by the hot food delivery options in Bejing when he worked at China Central Television.

While working late at night in the studio he was impressed by the menus available and when he returned to London realised there was scope for a similar service. “It made me think there was clearly a need for good food at night in this huge, vibrant city,” he says.

The Feast team hope their late night food offerings will appeal to City workers toiling through the night as well as to partygoers arriving home. Orders can be placed between 11pm and 5am with a delivery fee of £2.50 from Monday to Saturday.

So far Pusey has teamed up with the 24-hour Polo Bar in Bishopsgate and Beigel Bake on Brick Lane and soon Balans of Soho and Sally’s Salads will be joining the service.

To ensure the food arrives hot and fresh, Pusey is keeping the delivery area small and using bicycles instead of cars to beat the traffic. “There were other hurdles to overcome such as packaging, which was key to the business,” says Pusey.

“The Traditional English Breakfast and the BBQ rack of ribs for example are delivered on plates to make them easier to eat and the customers get to keep the plate. We have also been including little treats such as Haribo sweets with every order. We want to do other things as well to keep the element of surprise going for our customers,” he adds.

Feast London delivers the Traditional English Breakfast on a plate which customers get to keep   Pic: Feast London

Feast delivers the Traditional English Breakfast on a plate which customers get to keep Pic: Feast

So far their bestselling item has been the bacon cheeseburger which Pusey puts down to “a really good picture on the website,” while chicken and chips has also been very popular.

“It is quite an extreme thing that I am trying to do but I have always been a bit of a maverick and get bored easily.” Though Pusey is still freelancing as a journalist, his focus is very much with the brand and making things as operational and smooth as possible. “I want to build a brand that is trusted and reliable. It is important to us.”

He is hoping to add a wider range of cuisine including oriental, Lebanese and Indian as well as salads. From September he will start delivering to Soho and Mayfair. “I am also looking to get funds to build a phone app and to improve the current website,” he adds.

And with London’s weekend night Tube service due to start in September, Pusey says he hopes it will help Feast become a popular name across the city.

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