Mayoral candidate Christian Wolmar excluded by LBC

Christian Wolmar Pic: Adewale Oshineye

Christian Wolmar Pic: Adewale Oshineye

London’s LBC radio  blocked  transport commentator and London Mayoral candidate Christian Wolmar from attending its hustings last night.

The talk radio station, which formerly featured the slogan “London’s Biggest Conversation” ironically told Christian Wolmar that there was not enough space in its studio for the six chairs and microphones needed to accommodate the labour Mayoral candidates Tessa Jowell, Diane Abbot, Sadiq Khan, David Lammy, Gareth Thomas and himself.

When Wolmar wrote to the station’s producers and the show’s host Iain Dale to demand an explanation he was told that the latest YouGov polls only showed him to have the support of two per cent of eligible voters.

The four “leading labour contenders” Pic: Iain Dale


Mr Wolmar, who is a prominent critic of rail privatisation and HS2 told EastLondonLines: “We all know what happened to opinion polls in the last general election, they are far from conclusive.

He said that the YouGov poll showed David Lammy on five per cent and Diane Abbot on seven per cent, adding: “This is about name recognition rather than accurate polling.

“It’s totally unnecessary to exclude me, I’ve been involved in all 12 hustings until now and I am clearly not a total outsider.

“I’ve come third or fourth in several polls, this is completely against the spirit of what’s gone before.”

Asked if he had been in talks with the other Labour candidates, Mr Wolmar thanked Sadiq Khan for writing to the LBC producers but said the offices of Diane Abbot and Tessa Jowell had ignored his calls and attempts to reach them over twitter, lamenting their apparent lack of solidarity.

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Christian Wolmar seeks solidarity from the other Labour candidates Pic: Christian Wolmar

Wolmar, who is a transport historian and journalist, is campaigning on a platform to improve London’s transport network and tackle the housing crisis. He also endorses a new living wage.

Christian Wolmar told EastLondonLines that he planned to protest outside LBC’s studios with supporters during Thursday’s evening broadcast.

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Christian Wolmar urges his supporters to join him in protest Pic: Christian Wolmar


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