‘We Love Hackney’ campaigns for late night licenses

Dinerama by London Union

Dinerama by London Union

Over 600 people attended the ‘We Love Hackney’ campaign launch at Dinerama, in Shoreditch, on Wednesday.

The campaign is working to stop Hackney Council from initiating licensing proposals that will force new bars, nightclubs and other late night venues, including Dinerama, to close at 11pm throughout the borough.

Supporters believe that Hackney’s Night Time Economy brings more jobs, diversity, cultural cohesion and diversity into the community.

Henry Dimbleby owner of the Dinerama venue and Co-founder of ‘We Love Hackney said:

“I helped set up this venue. I am a Hackney resident of 16 years, and I have seen Hackney over that time turn into the most creative and exciting borough in this amazing Metropolis of ours. We were shocked and upset about the council’s proposal to change licensing rules. They do not consider music and dance venues to be appropriate”

Councilor Emma Plouviez, Chair of the Licensing committee, said “Hackney’s creative and night time economy is famous worldwide and brings valuable investment and employment into the borough.”

“But first and foremost Hackney is a place for people to live. Balancing the needs of the night time economy with the rights of our residents to live in a peaceful and safe environment is one of the biggest challenges facing our borough”

Guests at 'We Love Hackney' launch party by Melissa Wills

Guests at ‘We Love Hackney’ launch party by Melissa Wills

Henry Dimbleby told ELL “There is a very vocal but very small minority of people who are trying to impose their cultural norms on London and I think this is going to kill us as a city. We’re suddenly going to find ourselves living in a privately regulated, very uncreative city, yet at the same time, we will have 24-hour tube…”

Due to efforts made by ‘We Love Hackney’ the Hackney Council Committee has now agreed to take on board strong public objection towards the new proposals. A sit-down consultation with campaign leaders will take place but not for six months.

Pouviez said in a press release: “We hope that residents, visitors and businesses will join us to help shape a licensing policy for Hackney, which everyone can understand and get behind”

Attendees at 'We Love Hackney' campaign launch party by Melissa Wills

Attendees at ‘We Love Hackney’ campaign launch party by Melissa Wills

Matt Sanders, a campaign organizer said “We live in the most exciting, youngest and most diverse borough in London with a progressive, open-minded night time economy. If you value what is unique and amazing about Hackney you have to speak out!”

He told ELL: “We have had an incredible response so far. We have gained 4,000 supporters in a few weeks time and 95% of them live in Hackney”

To join the campaign please visit: http://www.welovehackney.org

Have your say with Twitter discussions @WeLoveHackney #NotConsideredAppropriate

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