High purity cocaine dealers jailed at Croydon Crown Court

Seb-Croydon Cocaine-Source Met Police

Left: Layne Campbell. Right: Danny Back. Both jailed for dealing high purity Cocaine.

Two men who dealt high purity cocaine have been jailed alongside four women they used as drug runners.

Layne Campbell, 21 from Chaucer Gardens in North Sutton and Danny Back, 25 of Crispin Crescent, Beddington, were seen by the London Crime Squad handing over 33g of cocaine to women in Sutton.

Detective Constable Paul Fagence from the London Crime Squad said: “The gang was peddling dangerous, high-purity cocaine.”

Campbell’s girlfriend Louise Tolan, 38, and her daughter Courtney Bailey-Tolan, 19, acted as two of the runners.

Jessica Wadman, 22, and Erica Mathies, 20, also pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply a Class A drug at Croydon Crown Court on September 25.

Detectives observed the women deal drugs on nine occasions between January and April last year.

“In total, we seized around £3,000 found at the gang’s homes. This is money which goes back into the criminal justice system and fighting crime,” said Fagence.

Campbell was sentenced to four years in jail, whilst Back received three years and four months.

Wadman and Tolan were both sentenced to two years in jail, whilst Mathies was given 18 months and Bailey-Tolan was sentenced to 15 months, suspended for two years.

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