Bite Sized Comedy for Your Midweek Fun Fix

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The Comedy Cafe Theatre. Pic: Emilie Shane


“Do you have a stamp?” I am asked whilst heading towards the door marked “comedy”. “Nope,” I reply sheepishly. It’s 8.02pm and the show has already started.

Normally it’s a not a big deal to arrive two minutes late to a comedy night at a bar, but it seems that tonight they’re keen to get everyone seated and locked in. A bartender turned seat usher escorts us up the stairs, leaving us at the top. “You’re front row,” he says, pointing. Sweet. Nothing better than the potential to be picked on by a comedian while right under their nose, with a full pint in your hand.

It’s a Wednesday night at Bedroom Bar Shoreditch’s adjoining Comedy Café Theatre. Successfully running for 25 years, their New Act Night is always free, but books out quickly. The night comprises eight new comedians giving their best five minutes strung together by venue regular MC Jimmy James Jones.

As expected for a night of new acts, the comedy is hit and miss, but the five minute time limit ensures that you’re not stuck with a piece of comedy for too long with Jimmy James Jones coming out after each new comic act, creating a palette-cleansing sorbet before moving on to the next.

The New Act Night offers just the right amount of fun to have on a Wednesday; it’s entertaining without having you rolling on the floor. Five-minute segments mean little attention span is required. It’s bite-size comedy for your middle-of-the-work week brain.

The Comedy Café Theatre’s New Act Night is on every Wednesday at 8pm. Entry is free but you must book in advance. For tickets go to

By Emilie Shane

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