Goldsmiths student travels from Poland to save money

Goldsmiths anthropology student Jonathan Davey commutes all the way from Gdansk in Poland to his lectures because it works out cheaper than living in London.

Originally from Hampshire, the 23-year-old student decided to make the 1000 mile trip after seeing the cheap prices of hostels and flights from the Polish city.

Commuting from Gdansk to London on advance booked flights has cost Davey a total of £317 in transport costs for his autumn term.

The student pays approximately £5.60 per night for accommodation totalling £416 over a term, far below the £6142 average for a year’s accommodation in London.

Davey leaves Gdansk on a Wednesday morning for lectures, and stays in friends houses or in hostels until Friday when he flies back to Poland again.

Under the assumption that flight and accommodation prices will inevitably rise in Gdansk, Davey has no qualms about relocating to another city, such as Budapest, if the living costs are cheaper.

EastLondonLines met up with Davey on the Goldsmiths campus to ask about his experience, and whether he feels this commute would be possible for every student.

Video credit: Antoni Devlin and Toby Roddham 

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