Healthy food in a bus? JustFab!

JustFab Bus Pic by Micah Jodhan

JustFab! Vegan Food Bus located in Cambridge Heath, a ten-minute walk from Hoxton station, houses one of the most ingenious café ideas seen on this side of the river.  A café situated inside a double decker bus.

JustFab! Strongly endorses the organic wave of the ‘healthy food’ trend, which can be seen from the many shops that have been popping up all over London in the past few years. Like them all, this restaurant proudly boasts of its lack of preservative-heavy ingredients, it recycles all of its customer waste and composts all its leftover food.

The café prides itself on its 100 per cent gluten-free and vegan-friendly environmentally conscious mentality, a total catch for the puritan-foodies who want everything made from scratch. Their menu specialises in Italian Street Food, with a homely touch.

“I’ve been vegan for twenty years,” says head chef Myra Pascina, the mother figure of the operation. With a warming smile, she asks how we are enjoying the food, with the earnest enthusiasm. “My mission is to bring food to people,” she says. “It’s a lifestyle. I love to cook, and want you to enjoy it.”

Boasting an arrays of pastas, homemade lasagne, and their much acclaimed Portobello-mushroom burger, JustFab!’s mission statement is simple: to bring the flavours of Italian regional cuisine to London.

Everything is budgeted to be relatively affordable, with mains under £4, and deserts around £3.50. This is a very chilled out and enjoyable place to grab a bite to eat when the city’s pace is taking a toll on your soul.

There is another double-decker situated right next to JustFAB! Called “The Blunder Bus,” which has plans to host weekly comedy nights and intimate live music soon.

Space is something to be desired while you’re crammed on the top deck of one of London’s iconic inventions, but at least your vegan friend will thank you.


JustFAB! Food Bus


459, 455

Hackney Rd,


E2 9DY



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