India // Sri Lanka at Stage 3 Hackney

Nāraṅgī – Gamukh. Pic: Matthew Broughton.

Imagine walking down an old, dusty road in the sunshine. Warmth surrounding you, locals wishing you good morning and sheer colour everywhere you look. That’s what ArtSnug’s newest exhibition gives you; a chance to walk through the streets of Sri Lanka and India through a series of perfectly shot images. Stage 3 Hackney, a coffee shop, bar, and gallery hybrid space in Hackney Central has been home to a variety of exhibits. The space often operates as both a coffee shop and gallery simultaneously, giving patrons the chance to enjoy their drinks with a little bit of art to go along with it. Now, two south east London photographers, managed by ArtSnug, have brought a little of India’s and Sri Lanka’s culture and colour to the UK. The work invites everyone to “soak up the sun, colours and flavours of two of the most exciting countries in the world, India and Sri Lanka” as part of a month-long Indian and Sri Lankan food and culture extravaganza ‘Indian Summer.

Ice cream Chef Jaffna ’15. Pic: Timothy Hill.

Matthew Broughton, one of the photographers, has been fascinated by India from the very first time he travelled there as a teenager. Based in east London, Broughton divides his time between photography, working at his coffee shop Curio Cabal and being Director at Creative Blocks, a communal creative space. Marvelled by the diversity and sheer vastness of the country, his work, while not bound by a specific theme, celebrates its unique and colourful culture.

Batticola ’15. Pic: Timothy Hill.

Broughton’s photographs play with the use of light to bring out different focuses. His work takes you through the nooks and crannies of the country with a combination of light and dark shots. One piece that jumps out among the rest is a particular close up of an unknown man, using shadows to create a picture that while hanging on the wall, invites you to come closer and take in the details. Many of his pictures follow this same pattern, while others are complete opposites, breath-taking scenic shots of mountains and endless grounds.

Som Giri – Gangotri. Pic: Matthew Broughton.


As a professional fashion photographer, Timothy Hill broke free from the strict fashion briefs, to illustrate Sri Lanka in a laid back and in-the-moment way. Hill perfectly shoots the lives of his subjects through the use of colour contrasts. The people in his shots are often wearing colourful clothing, usually tones of reds and oranges, a perfect distinction between the lush greenery of the scene around them.

Stage 3 has become the perfect space for these images, the laid back tone and constant flow of coffee (or cocktails), inviting everyone and anyone to pop inside and take a browse.

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