Man arrested for attempted murder of police officer

The man drove a stolen car at police officers in Poplar

The man drove a stolen car at police officers in Poplar

A man who tried to run down police in a stolen car has been arrested for the attempted murder of an officer.

The suspect was also under suspicion of car theft and driving away from the scene of the crime after the incident in Tower Hamlets last Tuesday (October 20).

Police were called about a stolen car driving around the Poplar area in the early hours before officers in two marked police cars approached the suspect while he waited at a red light on East India Dock Road.

He then pulled away and went through he red light, sparking a short high-speed pursuit, which ended when he became cornered in an industrial estate in Lanrick Road.

As both policemen exited their vehicles the suspect proceeded to drive straight for one of the officers, who managed to hit the suspect’s car window with his baton before he fled the scene.

Assisted by the National Police Air Service and a Metropolitan Police dog unit, the man was later found in a nearby mud bed and taken to an east London hospital.

No one was seriously harmed in the incident.

The suspect has been bailed and is due in court later next month.

The Metropolitan Police have declined to comment further as the case continues.

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