Croydon gang members sentenced for arms dealing

One of the guns seized by police. Credit: Metropolitan Police

One of the guns seized by police. Pic: Metropolitan Police

Five members of a Croydon gang who provided the criminal underworld with guns and ammunition have been sentenced to a total of 19 years in prison.

James Walsh, 40, has been sentenced to nine years for possession and conspiracy to sell firearms, Harry McGuire, 62, has been sentenced to four years. Maxwell Jarrett, 29, of Highfield Hill, is sentenced to two-and-a-half years for conspiracy to sell firearms. John Remi, 48, of Bromley, was sentenced to 15 months and Jason Flemming, 41, of Lambeth, was sentenced to two years.

Detective Inspector Paul Dorey from Operation Trident, which tackles gang crime,  said “We are pleased with the sentencing of these five dangerous criminals, who were intent on endangering people’s lives through the supply of firearms to south London gangs.”

The illicit armourers were originally investigated in March when, the court heard, gang member Walsh and his counterparts met to discuss supplying firearms in his shed.

Walsh’s shed at his home in South Norwood was then raided and a Magnum revolver was found.

McGuire’s Brixton address was subsequently raided, revealing an armory with more than 2,000 homemade bullet casings, re-loading equipment and live ammunition

Bomb disposal experts were called in after grenades, mortars and flare explosive devices were found hidden at the address. Also seized were ‘how-to’ manuals for making ammunition and bombs.

“Following a complex and protracted investigation by Trident officers, a number of firearms, ammunition and manufacturing equipment has been seized together with manuals featuring instructions on homemade firearm and bomb making assembly,” said Dorey.

By Ruth Gledhill

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