Comedy, Anglo Saxon style, when the Story Beast brings Beowulf to New Cross

The Story Beast – John Henry Falle

A bearded man entertaining a crowd with Anglo-Saxon themed poetry about the discovery of bacon. No, this is not a new show on E4, it is The Story Beast, and he’s coming to New Cross.

The Story Beast will be displaying his unique brand of storytelling comedy at New Cross Inn this November.

This narrative comic is the alter ego of John Henry Falle, a comedian shortlisted in August for an Edinburgh comedy award, and for the Malcolm Hardee Award for comic originality.

EastLondonLines contacted Falle through Twitter and he greeted us in the eccentric fashion that has earned him the accolades above: “Hello, I am the story beast, an immortal wizard and bard currently possessing the mind of character-comedian John Henry Falle” he said.

ELL asked Falle whether the audience of New Cross Inn would likely share one reviewer’s criticism that he tended to go off theme at times. Once again, Falle’s answer came from the depths of his creative obscurity:

“What you must understand is all my critics are Transdimensional Art Vampires who are part of an ancient conspiracy to destroy me,” said Falle, before giving a slightly more serious answer.

“There’s something for everyone in my act. I do the entirety of Beowulf in “Old English”, some horror stories and a rollicking rock ballad about being in Hufflepuff. And I am very fond of the people of New Cross.”

The surreal and eccentric Story Beast will be performing at New Cross Inn on November 19.

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