Anonymous Twitter Group Targets YouTube Star For Prank Video

YouTube star Sam Pepper faces an attack by Anonymous Pic: Gage Skidmore

YouTube star Sam Pepper faces an attack by Anonymous Pic: Gage Skidmore

An offshoot of the activist group Anonymous has attacked popular YouTube star Sam Pepper, who has over a million followers, releasing a home address in Croydon.

They have have targeted him because of his latest prank video, which stages an execution in a hostage crisis.

Following its release, a Twitter account called @TheAnonMessages said: “This is something that we cannot stand for. This so-called prank should bring shame to the YouTube community for supporting this imbecile.”

“This video must be taken down. @SamPepper you have been warned. You have 24 hours or we will unleash fucking hell on you.”

The Twitter account then published an address in Croydon that allegedly belongs to Pepper, along with a picture of a house, a Californian phone number and an IP address. The group later took down his website, which is currently out of action, before putting a bug on his Twitter account that sent out a blanket message to his fans.

The mainstream Anonymous collective have distanced themselves from the attack, saying that they do not censor the media.

@TheAnonMessages lie outside the main Anonymous collective. They have been accused by Anonymous of seeking celebrity and personal attention.

Previously the group has been berated for launching an attack on a police officer during the Ferguson protests, who later turned out to be uninvolved.

The group’s Twitter account has now been suspended and all posts detailing Pepper’s personal information have been removed from the site.

Pepper has been at the centre of several controversies due to the provocative hidden camera pranks on his YouTube channel. A video in which he gropes women’s bottoms was taken down after an online protest. Pepper said that the video was a “social experiment to highlight the difference between abuse towards a man and abuse towards a woman”.

East London Lines is trying to contact Sam Pepper for comment



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