Croydon councillors apologise for watching football match in cuts debate


Croydon councillors watch football during meeting

Croydon councillors watch football during meeting. Pic: Gabriella Bush/Twitter

Two members of Croydon council have apologised after being accused of being “incredibly disrespectful” for streaming a football match during a meeting.

A member of the public spotted Labour councillors John Wentworth and Pat Ryan watching Crystal Palace v Everton during a debate in Croydon Council’s chamber on Monday night.

Gabriella Bush posted photos on Twitter taken from the public gallery of the pair viewing the game on an iPad:

Nice to see councillors have their full attention on matters. #CroydonLive

Members were debating the future of arts centre Fairfield Halls, which is due to shut for two years ahead of a £30m refurbishment.

Conservative councillor Mario Creatura tweeted:

After members of the public also criticised them, Ryan said: “If people feel that I was not concentrating then I can assure them that was not the case. It was a fleeting look at the score and that was the end of it. If they are upset by that then I do apologise.”

Wentworth apologised via Twitter: “Being an avid CPFC fan is no excuse for checking score during council meeting. Apologies for any offence caused.”

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