Decapitated pet latest victim of ‘cat serial killer’ in south London

Cat killed in Croydon Pic: Jayneandd

Cat killed in Croydon Pic: Jayneandd

A decapitated and de-tailed cat was discovered in a hedge in Coulsdon, south Croydon last week in the latest of a series of pet murders in the area.

A horrified couple stumbled upon the pet’s remains at 8am on Monday December 7 in Chapel Walk. The couple sought out a veterinarian right away, who was able to identify the owners of the cat through the animal’s microchip.

Sergeant Ross Spanton from the Reigate and Banstead safer neighbourhood team in Surrey, who is investigating the report, said: “This is a disgusting and horrifying incident which has understandably left the family extremely distressed as well as being upsetting for the couple, who discovered the animal’s remains.

“I would like to reassure the local community that active enquiries are underway to identify those responsible, and I would urge anyone with any information to contact the police.”

Last week’s murder is just one of over 20 cats that have been found in the area within the past two years. Since September, there have been four cats found dismembered just outside their homes, victims of the so-called cat serial killer.

In October, a rag-doll cat Ukiyo, was found “in pieces” at her owner’s doorsteps in Addiscombe.

South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty (SNARL), believes that the lack of blood at the murder scenes suggests the cats are being killed elsewhere before being dropped off near the front door step of their owners’ homes.

Boudicca Rising, a spokesperson from SNARL, said: “They seem to be doing it for effect. It’s almost like they want the owner to see the effect of their behavior. It looks like they take a machete to the cats. Some intestines are out and there’s never any blood at the scene. Serial killers can tend to keep trophies and parts missing from the cats.”

While there has been no confirmation that all of the recent incidents are linked, many members of the Croydon community have signed a petition urging the police in Croydon to take action to catch the serial cat killer.

Along with the Surrey police, who are investigating the most recent incident, the Metropolitan Police are looking into the numerous murders that have taken place throughout Croydon neighbourhoods.

A spokesperson from the Met said: “We are working with the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to investigate these reports.”

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