Hand-crafted artisan products made and sold in Deptford

Cockpit Arts successfully held another four-day Open Studios in Deptford.

Cockpit Arts Open Studios happen twice a year, providing people with opportunities to walk into real working studios, meet a hundred and seventy talented craft makers and buy handmade products directly from designers.

From jewellery to leather, toys to prints, woven textiles to knitwear, ceramics to glass, musical instruments to furniture, visitors picked up unusual and rare products and were also able to tour the studios and witness the artists at work.

EastLondonLines talked with five craft workers about their passion for handmade products and for Deptford.

Cockpit Arts Open Studios 2015 Pic: Qiya Wang

Cockpit Arts Open Studios 2015 Pic: Qiya Wang

Cockpit Arts is the UK’s only craft-business incubator for designer-makers. Since they started in 1986 they have helped thousands of talented crafts people to grow their businesses.
For more information please visit their website.

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