Lewisham police Christmas tree seems a little fenced in

'Kettled' Christmas tree. Pic: Amanda Grace Johnson

‘Kettled’ Christmas tree. Pic: Amanda Grace Johnson

The enclosed setting for this year’s Christmas tree outside Lewisham Metropolitan Police Station has gone viral on social media because of the security fencing’s resemblance to so-called “kettling” tactics used sometimes for crowd control.

Humorous comments have been shared of the tree and its metal barriers. “It must have been an elf and safety issue”,  said one commenter on Twitter. “Suspected of carrying needles,” said another. “Lewisham Police put up a Christmas tree and then kettled it,” was another.


Others saw the scene as lacking something of the Christmas spirit. Vestyl McIntyre, who lives in the borough, nominated the spectacle for the phoney award of “Most Depressing Christmas Tree”.

The tree is due to be used as a background setting for the police carol service this Thursday.

Lewisham Police declined to comment.

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