Man jailed for 20 years for attempted murder of prostitute

Kirk Wynter

     Kirk Wynter. Pic: Met Police

A father of three from Stoke Newington was sentenced to 17 years for attempted murder after he attacked a prostitute.

Kirk Wynter, 32, assaulted Samantha Jamison with an umbrella, a pair of scissors and a broken tile because although she refunded £15 he had paid her, she refused to give him the rest of her earnings from the night.

She was left with stab wounds, two punctured lungs and a fractured vertebra after the attack last June.

Wynter also tried to set Jamison’s hair on fire with a lighter. During the attack he screamed: “You’re dying in here.”

Jamison called for help and received treatment for her injuries after Wynter fled the scene. He was found guilty of attempted murder in July.

Identified by scorpion tattoo

Wynter received a sentence of 20 years, made up of a 17 year custodial term and three years extended licence. He initially denied allegations of the attack, claiming a case of mistaken identity.

A forensics team linked Wynter to DNA found on the scene. Jamison was also able to recognise her attacker by a tattoo of a scorpion on his body.

Recorder of London, Judge Nicholas Hilliard QC, said at the sentencing two weeks ago: “I am sure you were frustrated by your failure to achieve sexual satisfaction and those in term gave rise to feelings of revulsion. You also saw her as a person of low worth but I am also sure you did not see why you should pay for her sexual services so you decided to rob her.

“Apart from the terror and the pain you caused on that night the lasting effect of what you did has been to leave her with a residue of stress and nervousness.”

In a victim impact statement Jamison said: “The attack has changed my personality, I’m a much more nervous person than I was before.

“Every time I see a disposable lighter or see a man the same build as Wynter, I start to panic. This is not the person that I used to be, I was not afraid before.”

Wynter has been previously convicted for drug dealing and robbery.

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