Suspended ‘Class War’ Corbyn advisor warned but reinstated

Pic: Felix Pretty

Jeremy Corbyn’s advisor had his suspension lifted Pic: Felix Pretty

Andrew Fisher, the policy advisor to Jeremy Corbyn suspended for urging Croydon South voters to support Class War, a far-left political party has been reinstated.

Fisher was suspended for three weeks by Labour’s National Executive Council, for a tweet he posted last year, encouraging voters in Croydon South to support Class War candidate Jon Bigger.

But his suspension was lifted last week and he has now been issued with a warning about his conduct.

Labour MPs Caroline Flint and Siobhan McDonagh have condemned the NEC for issuing Fisher with “a slap on the wrist.” They also accused the organisation of administering “one rule for members and one rule for those who work for the party leader.”

Emily Benn, the Labour candidate for Croydon South and granddaughter of former Labour Party veteran Tony Benn, complained about Fisher’s tweets on the grounds that they were against his own party. It was claimed that Fisher’s conduct “[contradicted] party rules.”

Fisher’s tweet read: “FFS if you live in Croydon South, vote with dignity, vote @campaignbeard.” Fisher has since deleted the account from which he sent the tweet.

After Benn complained, Fisher denied his involvement with the group and denounced his tweet as a “joke.” He later wrote to Iain McNicol, Labour’s General Secretary and apologised “unreservedly.”

Fisher, an author and former head of policy for PCS, Britain’s sixth-largest union, has previously come under fire for publicly displaying a lack of support for Labour MPs. He has previously described Yvette Cooper’s stance on welfare as “worse than that of the BNP” and has also tweeted that Ed Balls’ defeat in the May election was “fitting.”

Conservative MP Chris Philp currently holds the Croydon South seat.

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