Canary Wharf photographers take a walk on the wild side

Wagtail in Water photo taken by Christopher Andreou. Pic: Canary Wharf Wildlife Photography Exhibition

Wagtail in Water photo taken by Christopher Andreou. Pic: Canary Wharf Wildlife Photography Exhibition

Canary Wharf’s first ever exhibition of wildlife images taken by amateur photographers has less than two weeks left to run before the prize-winning entries are announced.

Shortlisted entries to the competition are on display in the gallery in the Adam’s Plaza Bridge, with prizes to be awarded for the best pictures of flora and fauna – either on land, in the air or in the water.

Canary Wharf Environmental Manager Lugano Kapembwa said the competition celebrated the biodiversity on the estate and added: “The competition has helped raise awareness of the wide range of wildlife here at Canary Wharf.  The volume of entries reflects the interest in protecting and enjoying our local wildlife. It’s something we very much look forward to hosting again.”

The business district has proved a rich source of photographic inspiration, with the weekend usually proving the best time to game watch. Seals, porpoises and water voles are often spotted. Bats are also common and it was once popular with black redstart. Birds are less active now as there are so many tall buildings but it is a popular nesting spot for moor hens, cots, grebes and mallard ducks.

Hare-foot clover is a regular feature of the green roof at Westferry Circus and Canary Wharf has one of the largest concentrations of green roofs in the UK. There are more then 1000 mature trees across the estate. Canada Park Square is made up of plants native to North America including sugar maple and american lime trees. Jubilee Park has over 200 rare dawn redwood trees that drop their striking leaves in the winter.

The competition was open to amateur photographers in three categories: aged 15 and under, 16 – 25 and 25 and over. Photographs could be taken with a smartphone or conventional camera and will be judged according to composition, originality and public appeal.

See the selection of short-listed entries:

The exhibition is open to the public until February 5 and the winners will be announced at a special invitation only ceremony on February 9.

The winners of each category will get a 100 Canary Wharf gift card and the overall winner will receive a further £100 gift card.

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