Trump mural egged in Shoreditch

Trump mural trumped by egg throwers. Pic: Furia ACK

Trump mural trumped by egg throwers. Pic: Furia ACK

A mural of US presidential Republican hopeful Donald Trump was painted on a wall on Leonard Street in Shoreditch on Sunday. The paint was barely dry however before people started throwing eggs on it. According to the Portuguese street artist behind the project, this was all ‘part of the art’.

Furia ACK, a street artist from Portugal living in London, added his own written comment about American politics: “Democracy – when even an idiot has a say”.

Trump had already been denounced in Parliament earlier in the week after 575,000 people signed an online petition calling for him to be banned from the UK because of his comments about Muslims.

The artist behind this latest manifestation of anti-Trump sentiment is well known for his street artistry. He has also painted murals on Cable Street and last January paid his own visual tribute to the victims of the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris.

Charb painted by Furia ACK. Pic. Furia ACK

Charlie Hebdo editor Stéphane Charbonnier, painted by Furia ACK. Pic: Furia ACK

Eastlondonlines asked Furia ACK about his latest project:

Why did you start this project?

The idea behind this project was to get the public engaged with the work and express their feelings towards Trump and his political ideas.

What do the eggs represent?

Although people focused mainly on the throwing of the eggs, that was just a symbol of discontent. I believe that what matters the most, is the issue of people actually wanting to do it.

Trumps’ speeches are inflated with hatred to minorities. That is the real problem. Some of those participating were foreigners that can easily relate with the emigrant communities of the U.S. but I think any free-thinking person can as well.

The vast majority of foreigners in the developed countries is there to better their lives through hard work. In Trumps’ point of view they are just criminals preying on the unsuspecting white American.

Why did you choose Shoreditch?

Shoreditch is a good place to go and see how diversity is a beneficial thing for the communities but any place in London can show you that.

Who was involved in this project?

There are others involved in the project one way or another, but I believe the public that was present is responsible for the work. I’ve only painted Trump’s face and the title and got the eggs. The willingness to act is the important thing. I just provided the tools for that. The people that stopped and participated are more important.

There were Americans, Italians, Polish, English, Hungarian. It was a really good mix. There were just not enough eggs to be honest.

I’ve always painted political subjects, this one just seems to have drawn more attention but that was not what the work was about.

The mural has got people talking on social media too and Reddit users shared their thoughts on it:

Carlosp_uk wrote: “Weirdly, even though I now know this was a publicity stunt, I’m tempted myself to grab a box of eggs and go and wang the lot into his face – it would be an oddly satisfying experience. Feeling a lot of pent-up anxiety about the state of the US presidential race right now!”

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