Final countdown for Winter Lights in Canary Wharf

"A parallel image" created by Gebhard Sengmuller, enables the viewer to physically witness the image transmitted between the camera and monitor using 2,500 cables. Pic: Hsin Jui Lin

‘A Parallel Image’ by Gebhard Sengmueller uses 2,500 electric cables. Pic: Hsin-Jui Lin

Crowds have been braving the freezing temperatures to get a last glance at a fascinating light exhibition in Canary Wharf, which ends tomorrow, Friday January 22.

18 different illuminated installations form an interactive artwork, showcasing technology in the modern world, which can be viewed from many different angles.

Festival director Keith Watson said: “This rich, diverse exhibition of light demonstrates some of the most creative light installations that will appeal to art-lovers, families or simply people looking for something interesting and free to do after work.”

Organisers suggest the free exhibition is best experienced between 4pm and 9pm when viewers can see the sky changing behind the artwork.

Artist Tom Wilkinson, whose ‘Light Sphere I’ is on display in Adams Plaza, said: “I am fascinated by light, the whole physics of it, and that’s why it inspires me. Winter Lights Festival is engaging and scintillating and captivating.”

Goldsmiths graduate Paul Thursfield created ‘Aura [2014]’ which represents the emotional affects of sound, video, color and light. It is on show in Crossrail Place.

For Nathaniel Rackowe, creator of ‘The Luminous City’, making sure that technology did not overpower the overall artwork was important. He said: “When you have a sculpture combining structure and light, you should let the materiality, the light, and the movement take centre stage.”

Nathaniel Rokowe and his art work – “The Luminous City”. Pic: Hsin Jui Lin

Nathaniel Rackowe and “The Luminous City”. Pic: Hsin-Jui Lin.

Syrian artist Alaa Minawi’s installation ‘My Light is Your Light’ in Jubilee Park shows solidarity with Syrian refugees. The neon lights depict a family of six, fleeing hopelessly.

"My light is your light", the radiating glow of the sculptures acts as a tribute to all refugees who yearn for their extraordinary stories to be heard. Pic: Hsin Jui Lin

‘My Light is Your Light’ is a tribute to refugees. Pic: Hsin-Jui Lin

The glittering images dotted around Canary Wharf’s already glittering towers found favour with onlookers. Londoner Ben Meson said he had already viewed one by Julius Popp, previously on display in China, adding: “In 2008, I saw the ‘bit.fall’ artwork in Beijing. It was in Chinese instead of English, but it was still cool.”

The "bit.fall" in Chancellor Passage, explores how we communicate in the modern world, repeating waterfall shown as Live newsfeeds in the mid-air. Pic: Hsin jui Lin

‘bit.fall’ on display in Chancellor Passage, Canary Wharf. Pic: Hsin-Jui Lin

“It’s the most colourful night I’ve ever had in some time”, said Daniella who works in the creative arts field.

Combined with visible electronic lines, "A Parallel Image" gives viewer various ways to think. Pic: Hsin Jui Lin

‘A Parallel Image’ by Gebhard Sengmueller. Pic: Hsin-Jui Lin

The Winter Lights Festival will end this Friday, however Rackowe’s ‘The Luminous City’ will stay on display until February 12.

Our reporter Hsin-Jui Lin (Grace) went to check it out:

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