Parents take fight over Edmund Waller Primary to council meeting

Parents fight against expanding Edmund Waller Primary School. Pic: Majd Bouchto

Parents fight against expanding Edmund Waller Primary School. Pic: Majd Bouchto

Worries that a Telegraph Hill primary will be turned into a ‘super school’ boiled over at the first council meeting of 2016 on Wednesday, when angry parents spoke out in opposition to the plan.

Parents of children at Edmund Waller Primary School, Waller Road have been campaigning against proposals to double the number of pupils at the school to 850 in a bid to solve the severe shortage of primary school places in the borough. Lewisham Council met for the first time this year on Wednesday, January 20, when councillors were questioned over the plans, which are strongly opposed by locals.

Councillors during Wednesday's meeting

Councillors during Wednesday’s meeting. Pic: Majd Bouchto

Parents spokesman Matt Prodger said: “My message to our elected officials is that if they are here to represent us then our views are very clear: the school doesn’t need any expansion and there is no demand for primary schools in our ward. “

Campaigners argue that the borough urgently needs primary schools in other areas like Hilly Fields, Ladywell and central Lewisham. There is no reason to expand Edmund Waller Primary however when that is not where extra places are needed.

He added: “We asked many questions and signed a petition, but all that we’ve been told is that the Council haven’t started anything official. “

Lewisham Council is sticking to the line voiced last October that no decisions have yet been made and that discussions are “ongoing”.

Lewisham Council’s Head of Business and Committee Kevin Flaherty said: “We know there is an incredible shortage of primary classes in Lewisham, nearly 100. All places need to be examined and we won’t focus on one or two schools.”

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