Women of Silicon Roundabout 2016

Pic: Maddox Events

Pic: Maddox Events

Women working at the cutting edge of tech will be gathering for a conference tomorrow, Thursday January 28, entitled Women of Silicon Roundabout 2016, aimed at getting more women into an industry, which is often a male preserve.

Women at the top of Europe’s tech landscape will share their experiences about the challenges and opportunities faced by women, with discussion sessions on improving their skills portfolio for career progression and personal development.

There will also be debates on issues such as pay negotiation and how gender differences influence women’s jobs. The event takes place at takes place at One America Square, Crosswall.

According to the conference organisers: ’’Women make up 38% of mathematics graduates, however under half of female STEM graduates go into tech-focused careers, while 68% of their male counterparts are pursuing jobs in this sphere of business.’’

Speakers from a range of career backgrounds including media companies such as the BBC and SKY are due to take part, and networking sessions are also promised.

The conference, organized by Maddox Events, is sold out but the event is being recorded and interviews will be made available online afterwards.

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