Deptford dump is finally being cleared

The dump is the size of a football pitch. Pic: Areej Zayat

The dump is the size of a football pitch. Pic: Areej Zayat

Deptford dump is finally being cleared by its landowner, it emerged earlier this week.

The breakthrough comes two months after locals started complaining about the mounds of rubbish, apparently left behind by travellers who had previously occupied the site. The landowner had said he couldn’t afford to get the site cleared.

Councillor Joe Dromey, one of many locals who campaigned to get the site cleared, said he was delighted that the huge amounts of rubbish piled up on a 1.5-acre yard by New Cross Gate station will be disposed of properly.

The people to blame here are the people that illegally dumped this waste in the first place. It shows great disrespect for our community and I hope that they are held responsible for this,” Dromey said.

The dump, which has increased to the size of a football pitch since it first appeared before Christmas, has angered many local residents.

Stephanie Reeves, 31, last week started the petition Clean up Deptford Dump! to emphasise the urgency of the situation.

She said: “Fly-tipping is a problem across the borough but on this site it has been a serious problem for the last four months. I am sure everyone living near the Deptford dump or coming into New Cross station will be relieved once the rubbish has gone.’

According to Dromey, travellers had left a large quantity of building waste when they left the ground a few months ago. The land is owned by Reliant Building Contractors Ltd, who initially refused to clear up the dump as they couln’t afford.

The work to clear to the dump started this week and is expected to be finished in mid-March. EastLondonLines have approached Reliant Building Contractors Ltd but they refused to comment on the story.



News video by Areej Zayat.

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