Fun and science in Whitechapel

Fun and activities at Centre of the Cell. Pic: Centre of the Cell

Fun and activities at Centre of the Cell. Pic: Centre of the Cell

An interactive show about the heart at Centre of the Cell, Queen Mary University of London’s science education event in Whitechapel, is set to draw in families this coming half term.

Visitors to the event will learn about the world of cells, the human body and the latest medical research. They can try their hand at experiments, heal virtual burns, have their cells counted, study real body parts and diagnose cancer using high-powered microscopes. The event covers different subjects including biology, medicine, and life sciences.

Katie Chambers, the university’s head of learning, said: “Our half term events provide families with a chance to learn together and experience science in a fun and interactive way.”

On Tuesday 16 and Thursday 18 February, Centre of the Cell will host In a Heartbeat, a family show all about the human heart. It promises to teach visitors what the human heart does and how it works.

To get youngsters more involved with the science, an interactive demonstration suitable for children and families aged 7 and up will take place on Wednesday 17 and Friday 19 February in a show called Sensational , all about the senses.

To keep up with the fun, both events also include the opportunity to take part in a ‘pod session’ inside Centre of the Cell’s cell-shaped pod, which hangs suspended over the laboratories of the Blizard Institute.


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