Residents reject football pitch in Deptford Park

Deptford Park. Pic: Geograph

Deptford Park. Pic: Geograph

Residents have rejected council plans to develop an astro-turf football pitch in Deptford Park.

The council launched an online survey in December 2015 that 378 people took part in. The survey found that 75 percent strongly disagreed with the plans. 

Residents were concerned about the removal of a section of the park from public use, increases in noise, anti-social behavior and late-night use.

Out of the 378 people who took the survey 336 lived in Lewisham and 129 played football.

Lewisham council have said: “Although we are taking no further action on the proposal for Deptford Park, we will continue to work with the London FA and Football Foundation to make sure that Lewisham could benefit from similar funding opportunities in the future.”

Adam Jones, 38, from Deptford said: “Lewisham is in the top three boroughs that can’t afford housing, so I am not surprised the council backed down about the football pitch as they are useless.

“The park and football pitch we have is fine. Why fix something when it is not broken?”

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