Sharp’s Brewery brings Cornish hospitality to Hackney

Technical brewer for Sharp's: Aaron McClure pooring beer he created himself, Tropical IPA. Pic: Amanda Ternblad

Technical brewer for Sharp’s, Aaron McClure, pouring beer his Tropical IPA creation  Pic: Amanda Ternblad

London Beer Festival is in full swing, with Cornwall-based Sharp’s Brewery travelling up to London’s Truman Brewery to share their passion and expertise with curious festival goers.

The main sponsor of the festival, Sharp’s Brewery, was founded in 1994 in Rock, Cornwall, and is known for placing emphasis on environment-friendly brewing.

A big team of Sharp’s Brewery were on the spot in Shoreditch, Hackney, organising different events aiming to make visitors more open-minded about beer and when to drink it.

One event included a secret beer tasting accompanied by different dishes in a hidden bar which will be running all week.

The experience was an eye-opener for amateur beer buffs about the complexity of beer and what a great dining beverage it actually is.

Nick White, a brewer from Sharp’s, offered a wide range of food to get the most out of the accompanying beers.

Nadia Henrique-Murray, brand manager of the Sharp’s Brewery, is especially interested in getting more women to drink beer, feeling confident in knowing what they like and combining this with food.

“It is important to show that wine does not necessarily have to be the ‘go to drink’ for women when a good beer can be just as nice. It is about finding the confidence to trust that you know your beer,” she said, adding:

“It is such a big bonus that micro breweries and environmental friendly brewing has become a huge trend, which makes people even more interested. Beer can be both prestige less as well as sophisticated, as well as done in a climate conscious way.”

The Sharp’s Brewery will be at London Beer Festival all week with more events to come

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