Britain First protest outside Whitechapel mosque

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Members of Britain First, including deputy leader Jayda Fransen, outside East London Mosque. Pic: East London Mosque Trust

Far-right political party Britain First staged a protest outside the East London Mosque in Whitechapel on Tuesday.

Three members of the group took to the street outside the East London Mosque with a banner.

In a video taken by members of the London Muslim Centre Jayda Fransen, deputy leader of Britain First, can be seen shouting: “Turn away from the false prophet and embrace the saviour of the world, Jesus Christ.

“As a Christian it is my duty to save fallen souls who are damned, you are condemned, you are following a false prophet.”

Britain First is known for its intolerance towards British Muslims with their website stating that one of it’s policies is to “introduce a comprehensive ban on the religion of  Islam within the United Kingdom.”

A spokesperson for London Muslim Centre said: “They don’t represent Christians in Britain and the Church of England has denounced them.”

“We understand that they don’t represent the views of Britain, and certainly not of our Christian friends.”

A spokesperson for Britain First said: “During this peaceful protest Jayda was spat at and threatened with physical attack by Muslims. East London will be a target area for Britain First in the run up to the London Elections in May.”

Tower Hamlets Metropolitan Police declined to comment on the incident.

A primary school class was visiting the mosque when the protest was taking place. The protesters remained outside the mosque.

Britain First previously targeted the East London Mosque in May 2014 by allegedly handing out bibles and discussing extremism outside the mosque.


Video by Jayda Fransen

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