Hackney is most pro-EU area in East London


Hackney residents in support of the EU. Pic: Wikimedia Commons

Hackney is the most pro-EU Borough in East London, a recent YouGov report shows.

Based on a sample group of 278 local residents, Hackney was placed fourth in London and eighth in the country for support of the European Union.

Tower Hamlets is 26th among boroughs classified as relatively in favour of the EU, while Croydon and Lewisham tend to show more mixed attitudes.

Support for remaining within the European Union depends on the general political sympathy towards particular political parties within area.

During the 2015 general election, all Eastlondonlines boroughs showed a majority of support for the Labour Party.

Another YouGov study shows 70 per cent of Hackney residents support British membership of the EU. Tower Hamlets and Lewisham achieved similar results.

Croydon remains the most euro-sceptic of the ELL boroughs, with around half of its resident opposed to remaining in the EU.

Hackney residents are generally supportive and well-integrated within Europe.

Hackney’s support for the EU is likely  to be related to the diverse ethnic background of the borough: 40 per cent of Hackney’s population were born abroad.

In Tower Hamlets, where support for Britain remaining in the EU was lower than Hackney, 43 per cent of the population were born overseas. Lewisham and Croydon have 34 and 30 per cent respectively.

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