Putting the fun into keeping fit


Voga class at Hoxton Gallery PIC: House of Voga

A voga class taking place at Hoxton Gallery Pic: House of Voga

Easter is over, you’ve gorged on chocolate and your fitness resolutions have fallen by the wayside.

Fear not, because east London is leading the trend in fun new fitness methods that don’t even feel like you’re exercising. Eastlondonlines have put together a list of five alternative Hackney workouts that will get you back on track.

House of VOGA

 Where: Hoxton Gallery, 69 Old Street, EC1V 9HX

If you think yoga is a bit too relaxing the House of Voga has got the answer: voga-ing!

The underground dance made famous by Madonna in the 80s has inspired a new form of exercise.

Voga mixes the strength and breathing of yoga with the poses and upbeat dancing of voguing and results in a fun, different and frankly fabulous cardio workout.

The Castle Climbing Centre

Where: The Castle Climbing Centre, Green Lanes Stoke Newington, N4 2HA

Fitness enthusiasts can enjoy a good upper body workout as The Castle climbing centre in Green Lanes Stoke Newington. PIC Ben BrubbFitness enthusiasts can enjoy a good upper body workout at the Castle climbing centre. Pic: Ben Brubb

If you’re not into push-ups but still want an upper body like Brad Pitt in Fight Club, climbing might be for you.

There is nothing boring about the Castle Climbing Centre, in fact the location –  a Victorian water pumping station by Finsbury Park – makes it one of the most exciting places in London to go for a workout.

The castle has five floors and welcomes everybody from beginners to experts. If you go bouldering there is no need for any fancy equipment, you stay close to the ground and don’t use any ropes or harnesses. If you want to go higher, try the roped climbing with a supervisor.



Where: London Fields Fitness Studio, 379 Mentmore Terrace, E8

Hula-hooping might remind you less of exercise and more of your old school playground but don’t be fooled; it’s a workout.

HulaFit uses weighed hoops and routines that include all parts of your body, and it will put your coordination and strength to the test. But most of all, it’s incredibly fun.

Whether you’ve already mastered the hoop or look like you’ve just received a two second electric shock before your hoop drops like a stone, the classes are aimed at everyone. As HulaFit founder and UK’s first hoop-dance teacher Anna Drury says: “You don’t have to be a super hooper to come to the class.”

The National Centre for Circus Art

Where: National Centre for Circus Arts, Coronet Street, London, N1 6HD

A workout at The National Centre where you can trapeze, balance on a wire and much more Circus: Credit: The National Centre for Circus Art

Try your luck at trapeze, tight wire, acrobalance and more. Pic: Ludovic Des Cognets

Sometimes your normal work-out routine can leave you feeling like running away to the circus; so we say you should simply do so.

The National Centre for Circus Art is ‘Europe’s leading providers of circus education’ and they offer classes as well as experience days where you can try your luck at trapeze, tight wire, acrobalance and more.

The school is located in a Victorian power station so you’ll be testing your circus skills in an impressive exposed-brick-walls typical East London setting


British military fitness boot camp

Where: Shoreditch Park, Rushton Street / Bridport Place entrance, N1 6TA

This might sound terrifying but the truth is the British Military Fitness boot camps are nothing but welcoming and supportive. And yes, hard work too.

Founded almost 20 years ago in London by two British Army seniors, BMT now offers outdoor classes all over the country and all instructors have military experience.

They have developed a “civilian-friendly” version of the workouts used to train the British Army and participants are divided into a blue, red or green group depending on their level of fitness. That way everybody can take part and effectively work out to the best of their ability.

Suitable for anyone tired of the same old indoor training, in need of motivation or just wanting to try something different.

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