Traffic protests in ‘Isle of Clogs’


26 pairs of shoes are hanging along Marsh Wall. Pic: Juliet Moore

Docklands residents have tied their shoes to railings along Marsh Wall in the Isle of Dogs in a protest against traffic restrictions in the area.

Residents are angry at developers forcing partial road closures on major thoroughfares. Marsh Wall, site of the ‘Isle of Clogs’ protest, has been temporarily narrowed without planning permission as part of a development by City Pride.

Twenty-six pairs of shoes have so far been hung along Marsh Wall in opposition of the ongoing traffic restrictions.

Developers Telford Homes were requested by Tower Hamlets Council to manage road closures of Westferry Road and Prestons Road to avoid gridlock.

Local resident Glenn Sontag, who coordinated the campaign, said: “Underneath ‘The Apprentice’ glitz of Canary Wharf lies serious social problems and stresses that have a major impact on people’s lives.

“We’re forced to endure massive restrictions to and from our homes, for the sake of yet more towers casting shadows on our neighbourhood.”

Councillors have also shown support the campaign. Canary Wharf Ward Councillor Andrew Wood said: ’We suffered from tremendous traffic disruption last week due to a lack of communication and co-ordination. The ‘Isle of Clogs’ protest is intended as a visual reminder to all concerned that with only two main roads on and off the island that they need to plan these things much better as we face years of further construction disruption.”

Local Independent Group Ward Cllr Maium Miah said: “This situation is totally unacceptable for residents and local businesses.  I have asked the Council to explain the situation. It is an absolute nightmare simply moving from A to B, which affects daily lives of people.

“The Council must ensure basic compliance and procedures to ensure no one is doing any such road works or digging up our roads without ensuring residents lives are not made a living hell. I will be doing my best to raise the issue higher up the food chain in the Council if I do not get satisfactory answer soon.”

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