Deptford mob “steals water” from London Marathon

Video footage has emerged of a Deptford mob apparently looting water supplies at the London Marathon.

The video surfaced on Twitter and shows people using prams, suitcases and baskets to make off with hundreds of bottles of Buxton water intended to sustain runners. One man was spotted piling up multiple crates of water onto a trolley before fleeing the scene.

“It’s very disappointing to see water being stolen in this way from the official water stations for our runners,” said Hugh Brasher, event director for the marathon.

The footage has gone viral, and Twitter users have expressed outrage. According to this Daily Mirror tweet, which links to the video, the incident is to be investigated by race organisers.

Londoner Cat Forrest tweeted: “Really saddens me that society has reached such levels of depravity.”

An eyewitness said the mob appeared only minutes into the marathon.

“We deplore the scenes we saw yesterday at the water station. We will be investigating the matter further,” said Brasher. “In future, we will be providing these volunteers with additional security measures on race day.”

Some people are suggesting online that an official gave the mob permission to take the left over water.

Penny Dain, head of communications for the marathon, dismissed these claims. She said: “Our policy is that if there is any spare water left, it is brought back to be used at other events.”

Asked if anyone was likely to be charged, Metropolitan Police spokesperson said: “We can only deal with the situation that’s in hand, and we haven’t had a complaint or report on the situation.”

Brasher said: “These water stations are staffed by volunteers and we are very grateful to them for their work on Race Day. We always brief our volunteers not to get into altercations if this kind of thing happens. ”

A runner who collapsed during the race died two hours later. He has been identified as army captain David Seath. The 31-year-old collapsed at the 23-mile mark after a suspected cardiac arrest. Another runner and a spectator were treated for suspected cardiac arrests but survived.

Astronaut Tim Peake set a Guinness World Record for the fastest marathon in space. Kenyan Eliud Kipchoge ran the second fastest marathon in history, breaking the men’s course record and defending his marathon title. Jemima Sumgong took the women’s title in a time of 2:22:58. Sumgong won despite taking a heavy fall during the race.

Tatyana McFadden won her fourth consecutive London Marathon, taking the accolade from Francesca Porcellato.

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