Four men sentenced for “ferocious” gang murder

L-R,T-B: Adebayo, Faye, Jalloh, Rogers. Pic: Metropolitan Police

L-R,T-B: Adebayo, Faye, Jalloh, Rogers. Pic: Metropolitan Police

Four men were sentenced to a total of almost 100 years for the “brutal and ferocious” murder of Marcel Addai at the Old Bailey yesterday.

Rickell Rogers, 22; Sodiq Adebayo, 23, and Sheku Jalloh, 23, were each sentenced to a minimum of 25 years for murder after the jury found them guilty 11 to 1.

Momar Faye, 19, was ordered to serve a minimum of 22 years, after the jury found him guilty by a majority of 10 to 2.

The victim, 17, was attacked and stabbed to death just metres from his home at Wenlock House on Evelyn Walk in Hoxton by a rival gang.

Addai’s murder was linked to a rivalry between the neighbouring gangs Hoxton Boys and Fellows Court gang. Rogers, Adebayo, Jalloh and Faye were connected to Fellows Court, whilst Addai was had links to Hoxton Boys.

Sentencing the four men, Judge Rebecca Poulet QC said: “You knew you were entering a street in the heart of the Hoxton Boys territory, and drove to the very corner the gang was well known to frequent.

“It may be Marcel was holding a knife in his hand but he was soon to drop that. You ran forward and he turned to flee – he tripped as he did so and a number of you then attacked him with knives as he tried to flee. You acted together with a single purpose.”

She added: “This case is yet another example of the terrible grip that gang culture has on the men that embrace it.”

The four men travelled to Addai’s estate, Evelyn Walk, in three cars along with three other men, who were previously acquitted of the murder, where they then began to attack Addai and his friends.

Addai attempted to run away but while his friends managed to flee, Addai was cornered and attacked.

He was seen by witnesses being stabbed and kicked to death by the four men. He was stabbed in his chest and thigh repeatedly.

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