Mystery woman saves girl from bridge suicide

Footage has emerged of an unknown woman talking down a young girl from apparently attempting to commit suicide.

Witnesses and local residents took to social media after a muslim woman in a black burqa and veil persuaded a young girl from “jumping off” Bow Flyover Bridge, Tower Hamlets last week (May 11).

Many praised the rescuer on social media for saving the young girl.

Others, however, were less sympathetic.

The video that emerged online shows the woman holding the victim’s hand and comforting her as she climbed down from the bridge’s edge.

In the video, bystanders and police can be seen later helping the girl and moving her away from the bridge.

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police, which has not received any formal reports on the incident, told EastLondonLines: “Further information is needed in order to find out about the incident.”

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