New Cross at standstill after bus and crane collision

Pic: Joanna Turner

Pic: Frances Rankin

A crash between a bus and a haulage vehicle left scenes of destruction on New Cross Road just before rush hour today.

The Transport for London (TfL) bus was pulling away from the stop T – Marquis of Granby near New Cross Station when it collided with the vehicle’s cargo – a small crane – which smashed into the top right hand corner of the front of the bus.

The crash occurred just after 4pm when the driver of the 136 service to Grove Park was unable to see the large overhang sticking out several metres from the end of the Volvo heavy goods vehicle (HGV) as he drew away from the stop.


Pic: Joanna Turner

Driver Stephen Owens, 32, said: “I could see [the HGV’s] back but not above. All I heard was ‘Smash!’ and all I thought was ‘What the hell was that?’

“How on earth are you supposed to see an overhang like that?”


Pic: Joanna Turner

Glass, rubber and parts of the bus frame were strewn across the ground, as shocked commuters looked on.

JT Bus5

Pic: Joanna Turner

The HGV left the scene at around 4.30pm but the bus remained grounded just ahead of the stop it was pulling away from. Whilst the road was busier than usual, there were few delays.

EastLondonLines spoke to Plant Speed, the Bristol-based heavy haulage specialists who are believed to own the HGV, who declined to comment.

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