Shops evacuated following bomb scare in Spitalfields

Spitalfields bomb scare. Credit: Jessica Ferrow

Spitalfields bomb scare. Credit: Jessica Ferrow

A number of shops and offices in east London were evacuated last week after a suspicious package was found.

At around 5pm on Friday, police and emergency services were called to Spitalfields, in Tower Hamlets to examine the package which triggered a bomb scare.

As a result, buildings around Commercial Street were sealed and workers had to be evacuate their offices.

Jessica Ferrow  who witnessed the incident took to Twitter to describe what happened.

Ferrow tweeted: “Bomb scare outside my office in #spitalfields. Had to evacuate at 5.55 on a Friday night. What is with this week?!”

Another eye-witness posted on social media suggesting that it was an unexploded bomb going back to World War Two.

But, the Metropolitan police had confirmed that this was not true.

Police remained in the area until 6.30pm when the cordons were lifted and the road reopened again.

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