Student mocks post-Brexit racism

Credit: Nalin Dissanayake (Facebook)

Credit: Nalin Dissanayake (Facebook)

A Croydon student who filmed himself walking down the street holding his British passport to mock post-Brexit racism has become an internet sensation.

Nalin Dissanayake, from Thorton Heath, made a video advising British ethnic minorities to take “safety precautions”.

The 10-second clip was posted to Facebook the day after the referendum results were announced. The video had the caption, “Have to take safety precautions when leaving the house now” and showed Dissanayake looking concerned and holding up his passport to show people.

The video, posted with the status “It’s that kind of world now” has been viewed on Facebook more than 810,000 times.

Dissanayake initially posted the video on social media app Snapchat, but following a good response from his friends he decided to upload it to Facebook.

The 20-year-old said: “I was out getting a blood test and I took my passport out with me for ID, and the idea just popped into my head.

“I guess a lot of people can relate to it. They can understand what it means”.

Dissanayake told the Croydon Guardian that he hadn’t personally experienced any racism before making the video, but said there is an “uncomfortable” atmosphere following the referendum.

The former Oasis Academy student said that a lot of European NHS nurses were, “just keeping themselves to themselves.”

The student’s tongue-in-cheek response to Brexit has prompted some racist comments such as “Where did he steal that passport from?” or “Who did he marry? Probably a nine year old.”

Dissanayake told the Huffington Post: “I guess it’s the nature of the video to get all kinds of reactions.”

Racist attacks against minority groups has hugely increased since 17.4 million people in the UK voted to leave the European Union.

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