South east London trains disrupted again

Delays are expected until end of service today. Credit: Fiona Gillies

Delays are expected until end of service today. Credit: Fiona Gillies

A sink-hole has opened under tracks at Forest Hill for the second time in two weeks causing major train disruptions.

Many commuters going to work today were faced with delays after a “small” 30cm hole was found in Forest Hill at 3am.

This comes after a 13ft sink-hole had opened less than two weeks ago at the same station.

Due to “safety inspection” between East Croydon and London Bridge, no trains are running into London Bridge.

A spokesperson for Network Rail said: “Engineers have been monitoring the site of the previous hole under the railway at Forest Hill since that incident occurred in mid-July.

“We spotted a small hole at 3am today and closed the two lines above it to trains.

This new hole is about just over half a metre deep and we are working to open it out to investigate the scale of repairs we need to make today.

Our aim is to open the railway as soon as possible. Apologies for the disruption.”

It was also confirmed that the disruptions are expected to continue till the end of the day today.

These delays have caused major outrage from commuters across social media.

Martin Wheatley highlighted a bigger problem that needs addressing

While another Twitter user had a dark theory as to why this had reoccured at Forest Hill

Due to the chaos, there is no London Overground service between New Cross Gate, Crystal Palace and West Croydon.

Thameslink services are also not running from East Croydon to London Bridge.

However, London Underground and London buses are accepting tickets via any reasonable route.

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