Southern Rail Strike: Twitter reacts to a miserable week of travel chaos

Credit: EDDIE (Flickr)

Credit: EDDIE (Flickr)

Yesterday was the start of a miserable week for many commuters after Southern Rail announced a five-day strike.

Members of the Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) union planned a strike after talks over the role of conductors with the train company failed.

This has led to cancellations, disruptions and lots of unhappy faces.

For those in East London, it is even worse as this comes after a hole opened in Forest Hill station for the second time in two weeks, causing more delays.

Many have taken to social media to vent  their frustration over the Southern Rail strike as well as the services provided in normal times.

Here is how Twitter reacted:

1- Good news and bad news about the strike

2- A new operator is needed, says RMT regional organier

3- According to RMT’s general secretary, there needs to be a guard on every Southern train

4- A Twitter user (called Bad Southern Rail) managed to highlight the funny side of the story

5- Many commuters like this one are not happy about their journeys today

6- While this person thinks there is something positive when it comes to the strike

7- Another saw it a great opportunity to find a job

8- Although there is a strike, there are some trains running. But just a heads up, here is what to expect

9-But not everyone seems to be having a bad time

10- Here is a light-hearted one about faster ways to get to work if you do not want to risk the overcrowding and the nose-in-armpit situation

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