Feminist action group continues occupation of Hackney flat to raise awareness of domestic violence

Sisters Uncut's occupied Hackney Council flat in Marian Court. Credit: Solomon Elliott

Sisters Uncut’s occupied Hackney Council flat in Marian Court. Credit: Solomon Elliott


Sisters Uncut, a feminist direct action group, is awaiting a second meeting with Hackney’s deputy mayor in the hope of securing safe housing for victims of domestic violence.

Occupying a flat in Marian Court since July 9 the group aims to make Hackney Council “fill 1,047 empty council homes, stop using hostels for survivors of domestic violence and stop council homes being lost through regeneration”.

Other forms of protest carried out by the group include storming the Suffragette film premiere, dyeing the Trafalgar Square fountains red and barricading the entrance to the Treasury.

Speaking to the International Business Times one neighbour said: “I think what they are doing is amazing.

“I find it inspiring that people are willing to step up and help people who are going through domestic violence.”

Sisters Uncut aim to draw attention to domestic violence as a “significant cause” of homelessness in London.

A 2013/15 -2015 Women’s Aid report, found that more than 60 per cent of applications to women’s refuges in Hackney were unsuccessful.

Léan McNulty, a domestic violence support worker, said: “Women approaching the local authority for housing are almost always turned away, unless they have children. Councils across London place women and children in shared mixed hostels for years on end, palm them off to unaffordable and insecure private sector or place them out of London. The options presented to women fleeing domestic violence are insecure, disruptive and frightening.”

Sisters Uncut argue the situation is at breaking point. They vowed to continue occupying the council flat in Marian Court until Hackney Council “meets their demands.”

After the meeting with Hackney’s deputy mayor Philip Glanville an update will follow.


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