50 cent praises Hackney teacher’s rap

Teacher Christian Foley impressed 50 Cent with his rapping

Teacher Christian Foley impressed 50 Cent with his rapping Credit: Christian Foley

Not many teachers get the attention of the global superstar 50 Cent, but thanks to a National Poetry Day rap to his Year 8 class, a Hackney teacher has got the rap legend’s seal of approval.

Christian Foley, who teaches at Cardinal Pole School, Hackney, posted a video of himself on social media which quickly went viral. In the video, which he called Inside footage of the greatest job in the world, the students are cheering as Foley or ‘Just Muz’ began rhyming words such as angles and ratios.


In the clip he can be heard saying: “I’m doing this with a board marker as a microphone.”

And it wasn’t long until global superstar 50 Cent shared the video on his Facebook to his 37.9 million followers stating Foley of Cardinal Pole School ‘has actually got some flow.’

Just Muz who is a published poet and hip hop MC, told East London Lines: “It is the weirdest thing, I find the whole thing surreally hilarious, I can’t stop laughing.”

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