Election opens for Lewisham’s Young Mayor

Lewisham Civic Suite

Winner will be announced at the Civic Suite in Catford. Pic: Google Street View

Young Lewisham residents can vote in an election to choose the next Lewisham Young Mayor 2016 tomorrow (19 October).

All residents aged between 11 and 18 are encouraged to vote for the 31 young candidates in the Lewisham Young Mayor election.

The youngest person running for the election is 13 years old and the eldest is 17.

Lewisham has had 11 previous Young Mayors and has the longest running Young Mayor programme in the country.

The purpose of a Young Mayor is to help voice the problems and issues concerning young people with the current Mayor, Sir Steve Bullock.

Lewisham Council have praised the younger generation for their efforts and for the longest running Mayor programme.

A spokesperson told ELL: “We are trying to spread a culture in which it is seen as common to be actively involved. We think it is the fact that young people believe they are taken seriously that accounts for their involvement alongside the work of the young advisors who meet weekly throughout the year.”

The Young Mayor provides a focus and a channel for young people’s views to be heard by decision makers.

The application process opened a few weeks ago and was open to all 11-18 year old residents of Lewisham.

Everyone in a secondary school or sixth form college will be allowed to vote in a polling station at their school or college on polling day.

The candidate who comes in second place will become the Deputy Young Mayor. The third and fourth place will have the opportunity to represent Lewisham as members of the UK Youth Parliament.

The count takes place on  20 October and the results are expected to be announced that evening at a special event held in the Civic Suite in Catford.

You can watch all 31 candidate manifesto videos here: http://www.lewisham.gov.uk/mayorandcouncil/youngmayor/Pages/Young-Mayor-candidates-2016.aspx?t=4

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