Fireworks shot at cyclists

A newly released video that emerged on social media yesterday shows cyclists being shot at with fireworks in Hackney.

The fireworks are seen hitting a car before exploding near a block of flats and the cyclists.

The footage, that was taken at around 10pm on October 22, shows seven men throwing fireworks at two cyclists as they ride by a block of flats in Springfield, Hackney.

Shulem Stern from Stamford Hill volunteer watch group Shomrim told ELL: “every year there’s incidents of youths directing fireworks at innocent pedestrians, and this year is no exception. It is extremely dangerous. More needs to be done by Police and by the Courts, to arrest, prosecute and punish, both the ones who direct the fireworks, endangering innocent victims, and also shops that sell fireworks to underage youths.”

Twitter users have slammed the behaviour as ‘unacceptable’. Stephen Hines, ambulance service manager, took to social media platform and posted: “This sort of behaviour is NEVER acceptable.  #fireworks are incredibly dangerous, & could maim or kill.  Thats before we consider #hatecrime”

The London Fire Brigade also took to Twitter to express their concern, and tweeted: “Aiming fireworks at people or vehicles is the height of stupidity & potentially lethal. Always use them responsibly.”

A Metropolitan Police spokesperson said: “Police were called to Springfield in Hackney to reports of antisocial behaviour on Saturday at approximately 9.50pm. Members of public witnessed a group throwing fireworks at each other. The police attended but the group had left, there have been no arrests.”

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